Why I teach Yoga online

I teach classes online as it makes classes accessible to so many more, and they are specifically geared to make yoga safe for students over 50. My classes are safe, fun and light hearted with wonderful music playlists for students to enjoy during the session. I also sometimes sing some Indian chants during final relaxation which always goes down very well.

My classes online make home practise safe because I am able to see students in their poses very clearly and can individually correct. I always suggest modifications and less challenging poses in every online class that feels right for an individual attending. Furthermore when students make me aware of any injuries prior to a session, I am able to mention them and make poses safe for them which enhances the yoga knowledge of everyone present or watching a recording.

It is also my goal to encourage more men to my yoga classes. I have quite a few men already who benefit greatly from regular yoga.

I also have husbands and wives come to online classes very happily, encouraging each other to take part with no one other than their teacher watching.

I very much believe that joining a yoga class for the first time becomes so much more appealing when a student knows they are not being seen by other students.

This makes thinking of joining a class much easier in my opinion. They will not feel self-conscious but will feel relaxed knowing their teacher is making sure they are practising safely and correctly.

I think starting or continuing a yoga practice in the comfort of your own home can give you confidence to perhaps also venture to an immersion (see immersion section of my gallery) or perhaps even one of my yoga holidays.

My classes are always very varied, no one class is ever the same. I have a rule that all areas of the body are stretched and mobilised. A forward bend, back bend, side bend, inversion, twist and balance are incorporated in every single session. Along with focus on breathing and relaxation this optimises full body and mind health.

There are many advantages of joining a yoga class online:

  • Convenient as only need to power up device to get to my class
  • Cuts out travel/ traffic and parking times (costs)
  • Cheaper as no money spent on fuel
  • No need to remember yoga mat, block, blanket, eye pillow.. they will be with you at home
  • There is a community vibe as people have a quick chat before class and meet pets etc.
  • Joining my subscription classes means access to all class recordings, so you never miss a chance to practice even if you miss a live session.
  • You can join a class even when on holiday, no need to miss it
  • A family member can join in at any time to try a session
  • You can invite friends from anywhere in the country to purchase a class that you are attending
  • Depending on how you are feeling, you can attend the right class for you that week, or all 3 classes, that is totally up to you.
  • Or If not a subscriber take advantage of the single class taster, which includes a second session free.
  • I think several more benefits are that no matter the weather or condition on the roads, you are cosily at home and simply have to sort your mat/ space and fire up your device.

You can make sure you are warm in winter with radiator or fire on as well as beautifully cool in summer with doors/windows open and a fan on.

If you would like guests to come to your home, you can invite them straight after a class if you so wish. or before a class if they’d like to try one for free in the same room as you.

If on the odd occasion you need to stay home for a delivery, you are already home!

Also, who wouldn’t love a cuppa straight after class and the ability to immediately sort a meal/eat one at home?!

I would like to mention that despite the emphasis on over 50s, younger participants are always welcome, If any student likes how my style sounds, then I very much encourage them to try a class.

Dear reader, thanks for reading my blog, my last comment is the following;

Yoga teachers vary so much; I always encourage students to try as many different teachers as necessary to find the right one for them. You will know when you have found your teacher as it will just feel right in your mind and body.

Quite understandably, I do hope that teacher is me!

Do please get in touch and try a class. You will not regret it.