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  • Convenient as only need to power up device to get to my class
  • Cuts out travel/ traffic and parking times (costs)
  • Cheaper as no money spent on fuel
  • No need to remember yoga mat, block, blanket, eye pillow.. they will be with you at home
  • There is a community vibe as people have a quick chat before class and meet pets etc
  • Joining Jyoti’s subscription classes means access to all class recordings, so you never miss a chance to practice even if you miss a live session.
  • Join a class even when on holiday
  • A family member can join in at anytime to try a session
  • You can invite friends from anywhere in the country to purchase a class that you are attending
  • Depending on how you are feeling, you can attend the right class for you that week, or all 3 classes, that is totally up to you.
  • You can make sure you are warm in winter with radiator or fire on as well as beautifully cool in summer with doors/windows open and a fan on.
  • If you would like guests to come to your home, you can invite them straight after a class if you so wish.. or before a class if they’d like to try one for free in the same room as you.
  • If on the odd occasion you need to stay home for a delivery, you are already home!
  • And finally, it is wonderfully easy to have a cuppa straight after class or have the ability to immediately sort a meal/eat one at home! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?!
  • Jyoti has written a blog called "How to get the most out of online classes" which is useful for  getting you prepped for your very first online session.


Please click on my YouTube channel for examples of my online yoga classes.

However, do please note that doing yoga just via recordings is not as beneficial as live zoom sessions. There is no one assessing you and making sure you are doing poses correctly plus teacher alignment means better and safer mobility with less chance of injury.

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