During Jyoti’s online classes, she is able to see you in your poses very clearly and can individually correct. She always suggests modifications and less challenging poses in every online class that feels right for an individual attending. Furthermore when students make her aware of any injuries prior to a session, she is able to mention them and make poses safe for them which enhances the yoga knowledge of everyone present or watching a recording.

Jyoti makes sure each session is gentle on your joints… making them stronger and more mobile but with far less risk of injury, Injury not only causes pain and discomfort but causes a period of disability whilst you recover.. no one’s got time for that!!

Yoga stretches and loosens your muscles, inflexibility in muscles and connective tissues may cause poor posture, tension and an aching spine. Tight hips can strain knee joints and tight hamstrings can cause back pain.

It builds muscle strength, strengthened muscles may protect you from arthritis (or reduce symptoms) it should reduce muscle pain and will reduce the impact of future falls and other injuries.

group of senior people stretching in yoga mats in studio
  • Yoga strengthens bones
  • Yoga normalises digestion and boosts metabolism
  • Yoga tones muscle
  • Yoga improves posture, as we age, good posture is important to avoid back, neck and other muscle problems. Age specific yoga is designed to strengthen muscles around the spine to greatly improve posture and core strength
  • It will aid balance
  • It aids sleep and reduces insomnia
  • It will greatly improve mobility
  • It lowers stress and tension and helps keep the mind sharp
  • It improves heart health, blood flow and breathing

Your teacher knows that warm ups are probably the most important part of a practice. Especially as stiffer joints may take more time to relax, and a fast pace class is less likely to offer that.

Yoga can moderate chronic pain..eg with chronic back pain, age specific yoga increases mobility of the spine gently, the more one is able to move, the less pain you are likely to be in. This is achieved slowly and safely, and usually requires starting gently with chair classes offered.

If you haven’t been super active for a few years, or know getting on and off the floor is not the right choice for you, then the chair classes are a perfect fit.

My approach is holistic, so we cover movement, breath work and mindfulness.

Yoga at home means you will start getting the gear  to practise anytime you like ( ie block, bolster, strap, eye pillow) I must emphasise that if you are just dipping your toe then just a yoga mat or chair will do! If you pay monthly via subscription you also get access to all yoga class recordings and so practising anytime becomes so much easier with a familiar recording to follow.

And Finally, feeling part of an age specific yoga community is fab.

So a fair few benefits indeed!!!

female instructor training with senior people in fitness studio

Why do yoga online versus in a hall / leisure centre / studio

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