"Perfect classes for resetting the body and mind with an inspiring, caring and fun teacher."


"Gentle yet challenging stretches for the body and focused, calming relaxation for the mind. All in the comfort of your own home, guided by the wonderful Jyoti."


"Never think you are too old to start yoga! Jyoti can adapt any poses to suit your ability and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your flexibility, balance and strength improves.
The benefits will be found in your everyday life."

Steve and Cheryll

"Jyoti is so intuitive that no matter how tired or drained you’re feeling it’s always the right mix.

Despite being remote, Jyoti is guiding you through all the positions and making any adjustments. It’s as though she’s in the same room.

I’ve been practising yoga with Jyoti for over 15 years now and have never felt that her classes are a routine she runs through. Each class is different and has a changing focus based on her intuition and connection with nature."....


"Jyoti yoga has been an important part of my life for many years. Every class is slightly different - adheres to the core of yoga but never boring. And she takes requests! eg can we incorporate work on stiff shoulders today? Our safety is important to her and knowing us as individuals, she advises on adaptations to some poses if we have illness or injury.
A Jyoti yoga class is a great way to calm mind and body - and to have reason to smile!"


"Jyoti adapts the class to suit each person's ability and the online experience means each student is still given a caring and personal experience. You are never too old to start yoga. It is always worth giving it a try."



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