How to get the most out of online classes with Jyoti

Ensure your device is far enough away for your camera to see the whole of you. The session is interactive, and I will be using Zoom. Due to the large monitor I have set up, I will be able to see you very clearly and give extra verbal cues and gentle modifications if needed. This is why it is mandatory to have your camera on whilst I teach you.

Remember to always listen to your body and work within your own limitations. If you experience pain at any time, please come out of the position you are in or adjust yourself accordingly.

Please remember not to unmute once a class is underway, as I will be recording just my image for YouTube (for students to access) . Having a student interrupt will mean the recording is no longer viable.

Make sure you can see your device clearly by using a stand if possible.

Set up your space with your yoga mat, block, eye pillow, bolster and strap.

Alternatives to a block would be a hard back book, use a scarf instead of an eye pillow, large pillows instead of a bolster and a cotton scarf instead of a strap. Even a mat can be replaced with a towel.

Please note though; these alternatives are for those just dipping their toe into yoga, all the above are standard yoga props and are highly advised once you realise you need yoga in your life.
Jyoti can advise you where to purchase them ( all online). I do understand that in this monetary climate buying props may be difficult, so do use the alternatives above for as long as necessary. I would much rather you attended than not at all. Furthermore if your circumstances are very difficult then please contact Jyoti and a concessional rate may possibly be an option.

Prepare your device. Ensure you have the Zoom app downloaded before the class and that your device is well charged or plugged in. You don’t want to run out of charge during a session. You can always log in super early to check it is working.

If you have one, connect your Bluetooth speaker/ plug in speaker to your device. This means you can hear the teacher more clearly than relying on your laptop or tablet speaker.

Make sure you have enough space around you. This can be a challenge, but some students have even managed a class by the side of the bed, ideally there should be enough space to have your arms out at 90 degrees, but I’d rather a class is slightly improvised than not attended at all.

You don’t have to have a dedicated space for yoga. Just set up your yoga mat wherever you have room. That is your space.

Wear loose comfortable clothing. Pyjamas can even be an option! If you are rushing to class and don’t have time to change, as long as the clothes are loose and comfortable, do come straight there!

Treat each online class as you would an in-person class. Put your phone on silent, don’t allow yourself to be drawn into a conversation with a family member or other distractions. Treat your mat as a quiet space. It’s for you to get some well-deserved “me time”.

Always try and join right from the beginning to the very end. I do however allow the odd late arrival ( maximum 10 mins into class) there is also a break halfway through a session, so you are able to join just the first 40 mins section if 1 hr 15 is not possible..
I encourage you to keep up your weekly practise even if that means choosing to do just a section. Being there for a bit is always better than not coming at all! A final option is that if you are subscribed you can do a class on catch up instead.

The advantage of the class being on mute is that if you arrive a bit late, then no one other than me will know, also if something needs your urgent attention at home it is possible to just leave the session… neither option would really be possible in an in person class.. but of course I really hope these issues do not occur often!

Feel free to change the position of your device when we change from long side to short side poses. I usually change my position in the class to give you a better view. This means that if you move me, you won’t be turning your head round all the time to see your screen. I also encourage getting two mats so if you have space you can form a T shape which means in any posture you are always facing the camera.

If possible think about streaming to a Smart TV, or plugging your device into the TV via an HDMI cable, I can assist you with this set up and the benefits are that you have the class at a great size/ sound to watch/hear my classes very clearly.

So that’s It , you are all set! See you very soon

Jyoti x