Senior women practicing cobra pose during group yoga training.

I have chosen to teach over 50s yoga because this is now my age bracket and the age of my lovely students who have been practicing with me for an average of 5-10 years, some as long as 17!

I want to encourage this age group because it is never too late to start this practise and I teach in such a safe and gentle way, you will be very much looked after in my classes.

The fact my classes are online is such a benefit to those who prefer their cosy home to a drafty hall or brightly lit and noisy sports centre.

I think sometimes it may irk to be put in a category of over 50s!

I would rather reframe and say you are part of a truly wise and special club, and although any of you can join a nonspecific class if you so wish, my classes are geared to be the most beneficial to the age range we are now in.

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group of senior people stretching in yoga mats in studio

The benefits of doing age specific yoga online

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